Creating Structure While Working from Home

Posted on: April 8, 2020

During this global pandemic following the COVID-19 outbreak, numerous companies have allowed their employees to work from home instead of the office. Going from working in a traditional office into working from the comfort of your home may be difficult. Creating a schedule and boundaries are KEY to successfully transitioning into remote work.

We know it's easy NOT to get dressed, but for the love of yourself, please practice good hygiene and change out of your PJs daily. On some days, get fully dressed outside of your typical sweats and t-shirt. Having on a fly outfit with accessories is a confidence and energy booster! Open up your blinds, let natural light in and light a candle or incense to bring some good energy (and fragrance).

Make sure you have a dedicated work area, doesn't matter where it is in your home (just not your bed). Create a distraction free space, use noise canceling earbuds/earphones and make sure your children/significant other knows your work schedule. Listen to curated playlists, podcasts to get you through your day. 

The importance of having a designated start/end time is essential! On twitter, @_alexxaye states, "Have a designated start and end time for your day. Block off lunch and leg stretch breaks every single day. Make sure your WiFi is strong enough. Meal prepping is still important to an extent". If you do not have WiFi, please check with your local internet providers; they may have free or low cost internet during the pandemic. 

Creating boundaries with your kids may be the biggest hurdle, especially if they are younger. Have a discussion with your kid(s) that even though you are home, you still have to work. Show demonstrations to your kid(s) so they know what it will typically look like when you are working vs not working. Also, be sure to let your parents, friends, etc. know your work schedule. Just because you are working from home, doesn't mean you will be free for a phone call or Facetime. Create. Your. Boundaries. It is okay to say NO to virtual happy hour, phone calls or video chats after you've clocked out for the day. 

One last thing is to make sure your boss and colleagues know your work status. On Twitter, @cee_pain mentioned, "Be sure you're connected/communicating to your boss/team consistently. You want to minimize the 'where is she and what is she doing?' I find an early team or boss check-in on Monday, communicate your planned focus for the week, check-in as needed through the week or Friday regroup helpful".

We're all trying to make it through this pandemic as best as we can, we hope these tips are helpful to you in your transition. Be safe, wash your hands and be sure to mute your phone/videos during meetings! 


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