Let's Get Spooky!

Posted on: October 24, 2021

Time to let your inner ghoul and goblin out friends! Spooky Season has arrived. Even if you’re not big into getting dressed up (we love it though ) here is your yearly reminder that Halloween is not just for the kids. It’s for everyone! Here are some thoughts on how you can get into the spirit. 

  1. Speaking of spirit...have you seen your local Spirit of Halloween store? A favorite pastime is guessing which closed down building is going to be bringing the spooky goodness into our lives each year. Once you’ve located your spot, hit them up. They always have EVERYTHING you need to truly get into the season.
  2. This time of year all the spooky classics are on, so check them out. You can catch a classic flick like Hocus Pocus if you’re feeling nostalgic or want to start a family tradition. There are of course the straight up gory movies like IT or Saw but if that’s not your bag try something like Poltergeist, all the jumping, none of the blood.
  3. Great outdoor activities include trick or treating or crashing a party but another one is visiting a Haunt. Haunts are seasonal pop up entertainment spots. Part haunted house, part Broadway play, it's just a really good time you won’t forget.
  4. Now you might not be into any festivities at all and that’s cool, for you we suggest you never forget...all the candy is half off November 1st! Enjoy! 

Written by Jacqueline Scott

IG: Crafty_Charisma 

Twitter: Violencemode_On 

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