Look Good, Smell Good

Smell good, always

The way you smell can enhance your mood and day drastically. Usually when you smell good, you feel good about your day. Let’s checkout 5 tips that you always smell your best!

  1. Basic Hygiene is very important, you can’t put on a fragrance over funk, it does not work that way! Having a basic hygiene routine of regular warm baths/showers with soap (be sure to get your legs), washing your hair, applying deodorant, wearing clean clothes and brushing your teeth is a MUST. Wash, rinse and repeat!

  2. Layering your fragrances is a plus but not a must, when you layer your fragrances you are finding scents that compliment each other with your body chemistry. Pairing your sandalwood body butter with a vanilla body oil and then topping with a musk based perfume is a sure way to smell good all day!

  3. Applying Perfume to the right place is essential. We recommend applying your perfume/cologne on your wrists, base of your neck, behind your ears, inside of your elbows, below the waist, behind your knees and on your ankles (bonus is your hair). An easy way is to use rollerballs, like our Perfume Oils to apply fragrances super quick and easy/ Do NOT overdo it with your perfume/cologne, a little goes a long way!

  4. Do Not Rub In your perfume/cologne, rubbing your fragrance into your skin can breakdown the structure of the fragrance. Instead, pat your perfume/cologne or letting it air dry.

  5. A Balanced Diet can determine how you smell too, you want to have a healthy balance of fruits, veggies and meats in your diet so that your body (and breath) smells fresher.

-Krazy Essentials

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