Marked Down Prices on Toners and Dry Body Oils!


Buy this for softer lips!

I have suffered from dry lips due to the dry weather — but this scrub does the job! I rub it on my lips for about a minute and after washing it off, my lips feel super soft. I have the red velvet scrub and it smells (and tastes) good. Definitely would recommend.


10s across the board

KE did what needed to be done with this facial cleanser! All you need is barely a dime size of this whipped goodness and you are good to go! It feels so creamy and rich as you rub it on your face and once you rinse it off, it leaves your skin feeling clean AND moisturized! I refuse to clean my face with anything else. My skin and I thank you!! Don’t ever discontinue this item


2 new favorite candles

I recently bought the Morning Joe and Tobacco Caramel candles and they’re now my top 2. the scents are enough to fill a room but not overpowering at all. Morning Joe is a great coffee with a hint of chocolate, when lit it makes my apartment smell like I’ve been baking all day. and Tobacco Caramel is a great warm and sweet combo that feels very homey. patiently waiting for both to restock so I can purchase again!


A little goes a long way!

I purchased the warm jasmine and tobacco & vanilla perfume oils. Not too much is needed, a little goes a long way. They’re long lasting and smell amazing. The warm jasmine is my favorite!