10 Ways to Keep Impatience from Hurting Your Business

Posted on December 3, 2020

We’re in the home stretch of 2020 and it’s almost time for what I like to call “New Moon, New Me” Season.” Traditionally known as the New Year’s Resolution. For many of us this will entail lifestyle changes, moving on from relationships (personal and professional) and starting new adventures.  As far as adventures go this could be the year you take up sky diving…but it could also be the year you start a new business.  I don’t have much experience jumping out of planes but I’m happy to offer some simple ways to keep impatience from hurting your business.

  1. Never Read the Comments: There is nothing wrong with getting some feedback or a little bit of constructive criticism but make sure you’re not giving into negative energy when things aren’t going exactly the way you planned. Stay focused on your vision and you’ll be happy you didn’t listen to naysayers when it all comes together for you.
  2. Innovate Don’t Imitate:  There is always that time we forgot (didn’t want) to study for our test and now we’re stressed trying to peak over shoulders. It was a bad idea then, it’s a bad idea now. Take your time. Study your product and market, do the work. When you finally stumble upon the idea that makes you stand out, you’ll be so thankful you didn’t cheat yourself. 
  3. Vote the Imposter Out: You know the dream. You’re running from a killer. You take off the mask…the killer is you. Now you’re up at 2 AM freaked out and stressed. What if I told you, if you’re not careful the dream could become a reality? It’s called imposter syndrome. If you’re impatient and move in fear instead of purpose you will begin to doubt your skills and even things you’ve already accomplished. Remind yourself that you’re unique and no one can do anything the way you do it. 
  4. Don’t Chase After Everything: Some good opportunities will come your way, but some terrible ones will as well. Take your time and make sure that the opportunities you invest in are right for you and your business. 
  5. Remember it Takes a Village:  It doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert, extrovert, ambivert or Eddie Levert if you want your business to grow, you’re going to have to network. Building and curating your network will take time.  However, if you do it correctly as your business succeeds you will find that the right people have your back and are in your corner. 
  6. Take a Break: It will be your first inclination to work yourself into the ground. Of course, all startups take more effort than most 9 to 5’s and you will find yourself amid some long nights and weekends. All that aside you need to take some time for yourself. Make sure you’re maintaining your health and getting enough sleep. Rome was not built in a day and your business will not be either. So, go to bed. 
  7. The Early Bird Catches the Worm…unless it’s an Owl: Not all of us (me ) are morning people. Just remember as long as you’re making your deadlines it’s okay to work with your natural body schedule. Of course there will be times where getting up early is a necessity but if your creative juices flow best at night just go with it.
  8. Stick to the Script: Did you write a business plan? Great. Stick to it.
  9. Avoid Tunnel Vision: If you’re selling specific products it makes sense that you would gather a lot of information about the product and that’s needed but you also must feed your creative side. This means consuming information not directly related to your product. This includes Movies, art, food, and books. Take the time to digest different stimulus so that you can look at things differently and then build an even more amazing product. 
  10. Don’t Give Up: Many New Year’s resolutions die on the gym floor every year. This doesn’t have to be the fate of your business. If you have an amazing idea don’t give up on it. Be patient. Feed it. Love it and it will grow. 

Written By: Jacqueline Scott | IG: crafty_charisma

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