Candle Care 101

You love candles right? Make sure you get the maximum burn time on all your candles with these simple tips!

  1. Only burn your candle until it creates a full melt pool, aka when you see melted wax touching the side of your candle jar
  2. Trim your wicks! Trim your wicks! Trim. Your. Wicks! Trimming your wick before each burn can help prevent tall flames, black smoke and your wax burning too fast. Trim 1/4 inch each time, a quick snip with scissors or wick trimmers will do the job.
  3. Do not burn your candle for more than 4 hours at a time, I know this is hard but try to limit your time 😂
  4. When you're ready to blow out the flame, don't. Snuff it! You can snuff your flame by *carefully* dipping the wick into the wax with metal tweezers/wick dipper or use a snuffer

Happy Burning! 

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