Do You Really Get What You Pay For?

I know we all have paid 50 cents for a bag of chips only to get 10 cents worth because supposedly the air is keeping the snack safe during shipping. In theory it makes some sense but I know I personally want all the fried crispy goodness my quarters can get me. So every time I opened a bag I felt the same cycle of joy and rage. “Yay snacks! Ugh, I paid for air.” However, I knew I was not going to stop snacking and chip companies were not going to stop shipping me air for my own good. Honestly, this seemed like an unwinnable battle, or so I thought.  Until I discovered the key to no longer getting chip bags filled halfway with air. What was the magical potion that released me from bondage? Research. Yes a quick google search revealed that it’s not air but nitrogen in the bags. Nitrogen to keep my chips fresh so I have 10 cents worth instead of cents worth.  

So why did I take you on a random foodie journey? To prove a point. Often we complain about the things we pay for without doing any research at all. We complain about shipping and leave a good product in the cart. Why? We didn’t even consider how far we are from the distributor. We didn’t realize if our fragile item breaks on the way to us the company has to just eat it when we want a refund, so they added insurance to the cost of shipping. Here is another one you might not know (don’t tell folks we told you ) some companies pad the price of their item so you think you’re getting a deal on shipping, but you’re not. Speaking of pricing, we complain about that the most. We rather pay extremely high prices for a name, instead of moderate prices for a product that is less known, but has more carefully curated ingredients. I ask you, is that math really mathing? If you just research the product that you are trying to purchase you would see which is the better quality item and not just simply buy in all reality, a label. 

So honestly, it’s up to us to make sure we’re getting what we paid for. It’s not always on the company to adjust when they have done all the research and put in time and energy before presenting you with a product. Instead of complaining that we are not getting what we paid for we can take personal responsibility as the consumer. After all it’s our money we have to stay informed as we spend it. I personally am looking forward to grabbing another bag of chips. 

Written By: Jacqueline Scott | IG: crafty_charisma

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