Drink Up! Why Water Consumption is Important

Water, water, water! Some people hate it, some people love it but the truth is everyone should have the proper consumption of water daily. Dehydration is very common and most people do not realize they are experiencing dehydration symptoms like: headaches, migraines, fatigue and constipation. Our bodies are made up of mostly water (about 60%) and throughout of the day of talking, sweating, using the bathroom we lose some that water. We need to replenish our bodies with plenty of water throughout the day to make up for that loss, we need to stay hydrated!

Need to prevent a hangover? Drinking a glass of water between alcoholic beverages and one glass right before bed may help with you not having a nasty hangover the next day. Alcohol makes you lose more water than you take it in which can lead to (yep you guessed it) dehydration. So before you tweet about how hungover you are over the weekend, just remember Krazy Essentials told you what to do.

A lot of people complain that water is “nasty” and “have no taste”, let us share with you some alternatives to make your water tasty!

  • Try making “cube juice”: make ice cubes out of no-sugar added juice and add to your glass/bottle of water

  • Try infusing your water with fruit and herbs, infuse at room temp for 2 hours: lemon/thyme, lemon/raspberry/rosemary, orange/blueberry/basil, cucumber/lime/lemon/strawberry/mint

  • Try adding a splash of unsweetened cranberry juice to your water

  • Try using a drink mix for your water (Crystal Light, Mio, Starbucks Instant Refresher)

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-Krazy Essentials

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