How Much Is Too Much?

Posted on: December 10, 2020

There is always an epic battle going on in my world. The lineup is always present me versus past me. Why may you ask? Because at present I want to know why past me agreed to so many plans! It never fails. I agree to do four or more things in one month and by the time we get to activity three (two…) I’m looking for the exits. This is in comparison to one of my sisters who constantly overbooks but manages to jump from activity to activity in a stylish but clearly frenzied manner and then proceeds to crash hard. We consistently do this every month. According to some this repetitive behavior would make us insane but I have a more palatable theory. We’re just doing too much.  And it’s not just us. Both scenarios seem to play out over and over from person to person. Instead of calculating for what goes on in our lives we tend to look at every month as a blank canvas for new plans.  Sure, technically we might be free but does that mean we have to schedule something? So, I had a stern talking to with myself and here is what I came up with: 

  1. What’s Just Right for Some Might Be Too Much for You: Some people honestly enjoy a packed schedule. Many people are stimulated by the presence of other humans and might feel a bit depressed if they can’t be social and connect with others. And some are the direct opposite. They need more down time to reconnect with themselves before they can go back out into the world. Don’t compare yourself. Don’t let someone else’s just right overwhelm you until you feel off balance. Even if that someone is very close to you. 
  2. Write it Down:  Whether you’re an over planner or a regretful planner you should write down whenever you make a social obligation. Seeing a laundry list of things you “have” to do can yank you right back to reality. Seeing everything laid out before you should help you to manage your time more wisely. 
  3. Say Yes To You: Most of us do not work seven days a week every week. However, when you spend all your time away from your job creating another job for yourself did you even have off? Instead of making plans with everyone else, make some with yourself. It might be impossible to get an entire day alone but to avoid burnout: take a walk, read, light some candles and take a bath, exercise or even dare I say it, have a nap. 
  4. Tentatively Accept That Calendar Invite: That’s right. You can say MAYBE to nine out of ten invitations and decide if you want to go as the date gets closer. You’re welcome. 
  5. Don’t Beat Yourself Up: Change is hard and you’re probably going to fail the first few times you attempt to figure out how much is too much and then establish some boundaries for yourself, and that’s okay. Just keep trying until meeting up with people is a source of joy, not a task. You and the company you keep will get a lot more out of it. 
Written By: Jacqueline Scott | IG: crafty_charisma
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