Online or In-Person: How Do You Buy?

Posted on: October 4, 2020
The pandemic has reshaped a lot of what we thought was normal in the world, including the fundamentals like shopping. What used to be a quick trip to Ulta now is filled with "oh shit, my mask!" and remembering to use hand sanitizer and wipes.
Myself? I like to go into the beauty store to browse around to look at products I've never tried before, and buy them online after I'm sure they aren't terrible. Now considering the warzone that an Ulta looks like, with umpteen folk social distancing (or not) in masks, I've had to do a LOT more online shopping. While I'm not complaining, relying on honest reviews is the major key to buying new beauty products. 

How are you buying your products now? Are you braving the stores or are you buying exclusively online? 


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