Here's the Truth, You Need to Allow Yourself to Rest

Posted on: April 18, 2022

Alright so, Q1 is over and out of here. I only have ONE question for you…have you taken a break? If you have PTO/FTO have you taken at least one day off yet? If you don’t have PTO/FTO have you taken at least one day off yet?? If not? Please REST, ABEG!!!!!!!

Let’s pause for a second, I’m not here to TELL you what to do. You know yourself best and what works for you (but do you trust yourself enough to rest? that’s where the real self care begins). For some people they feel like they don’t “deserve” to relax and they’ll only rest if it means that it can be a help to others. I need you to help yourself first. You need to take care of who? Your star player! *shoutout to Katt Williams**

Taking care of yourself is being responsible while practicing love on the daily. Whatever your relaxation method is, you have the power to honor it. 

Let me know if you’ve taken a day of rest by tweeting me @krazyessentials, love you!

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