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Krazy Essentials is dedicated to bringing you the best of the best in everything so when we thought about discussing Makeup Artists we figured we should reach out to someone with a tad more experience than us. Don’t get me wrong, our team does the thingy when we get dressed up but still, we like to follow our own advice and not do it all ourselves. So we hooked up with our friend Sharon Haskins over at Ask Ess so she could give us the goods on Make Up Artists.

Hey Sharon thanks for sitting down with us!

Did I have a choice?

Absolutely Not!


Okay so let’s get into. So we heard there are five different types of makeup artists: Cinematic, Wedding, Beauty Brand, Fashion, Face and Body Painting. Can you tell us some of the key differences and which categories you fall into?

Okay I’ll try to keep it in order as I break things down for you. So yes, generally there are five different types. There are always sub categories but these are the main ones. In regards to the differences:

Cinematic: This makeup style has to hold up under a lot more conditions than some of the other styles do. All the others have to hold up under lights but cinematic lighting and weather conditions are  the harshest.  No matter what the conditions are on set and no matter how long they are shooting the makeup must last. You can’t pop into a scene and say “hold up guys, lemme touch this up right quick.” This also applies (budget allowing ) to TV and the News.

 Wedding Makeup: Obviously here you need sustainability with your makeup here they allow for more touch ups. People also want this make up to be the big three, timeless, traditional, natural. However, everyone's definition of this will completely vary. Usually it’s a lot of clean faces, hints of blush and glowing. It can get a little dated. And then of course you have the people who think they know what they want but have no idea how makeup works. Like if you want to look like a smoked out racoon because you chose dark matte eye shadow for your beach wedding…okay…well it’s your day.

I knew this was going to be hilarious.

Just saying! So, Beauty Brand Makeup…

I hear some side eye.

Well no it’s just that I guess for me this would be Instagram make up. The only problem with it for me is that a lot of tips and techniques that are used originated in Drag makeup. And those looks don’t always translate outside of your ring light. But, that’s the big difference between Beauty Brand makeup and wedding make up. You don’t want Beauty Brand makeup for your wedding. The makeup won’t last especially in a hot southern wedding! Beauty Brand makeup is about a product being pushed. Not the best way to apply your makeup.

Southern Belle looking out for her own.

Anyway! Okay Fashion Makeup. It’s more avante garde, it’s more eclectic. It’s all about expression. A lot of those wavy brows or anything off the beaten path you see on Instagram nine of ten times were on the fashion runway first.  Like the color block brows, those were from Pat McGrath…and I just ahhhsssfhs..


Yeah I just don’t have the words to describe how much I love Pat.

I see.

Now Face and Body can be cinematic or fashion but what makes this different is the type of makeup they use. You need something completely different from all the other makeup to make sure it doesn’t rub off at all. It’s really all about popping, longevity and proper layering. You need to be able to apply a coat of color on top of another without it blending and looking like mud. You also need something that will not clog your airbrush machine. From heavy to light mists. The paint has to work.

As for me I initially started out doing wedding makeup. I serviced a lot of Black brides when I lived near Destin Florida because there were really just not that many of us. Weddings got old fast for me though. The tedium of weddings can drive you nuts! I’m not being shady but you get the same reference pictures over and over. How many gold cat eyes can I do? So when I moved back to Louisiana I took a position as the special effects artist at a haunted house. I love makeup and  I love horror films so it’s been a great fit for me. I was scared to get started but I did it anyway. I was there until Covid put us on pause.  I’m the only Black makeup artist there and I love making sure I have the right color for the Black actors we work with.  And I love transforming people into someone even their family can not recognize. I admit I enjoy making people ugly over beautiful haha.  But also making non makeup believers TRUE believers.

So what advice would you give other MUAs?

Your makeup should last without setting spray. I’ll say that again. Your makeup should last without setting spray. One, what if you forget it? Two, what if your client is allergic? Setting spray shouldn’t be your only technique. Also, try not to date your bride. We shouldn’t look right at her face and know what year her makeup was done.

Right! I always know an 80’s wedding when I see it.


 What trend do you wish would die?

Oh my goodness highlighter on the tip of your nose! Blend it in!

Haaaaa. You are some of your favorite YouTube MUAs?

Jackie Aina and Alissa Ashley

And finally what would you like to see more of in make up this year?

More eye makeup since we all have to wear masks…and skin care!

Amen! Drink your water and wash your face please!


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