Things You Should Be Doing This Fall

Posted on: September 23, 2021

Summer gets a lot of praise. Longer days, time off from work and school, cute clothes, outdoor dining. Everyone seems to forget that some days it’s so hot your baecation can quickly turn into a staycation because you are literally glued to the AC begging for mercy. That’s why honestly I prefer a nice fall day to almost any day in the months of June-August. However, I don’t want to be like the Summer people and shove my pumpkin spice dreams down your throat and bypass the drawbacks of Fall. Many of us do experience seasonal allergies or depression that can keep us from fully enjoying this superior weather front. So let’s talk about things we should be doing this year to make it our best fall ever. 

  1. Dream Big: The Fall is a great time to mentally get ready for spring by setting and manifesting your intentions. If you take the time to start focusing on how you want your life to look in exactly 9 months it’s no different than a farmer planting seeds and caring for them until they grow. There are many manifestation and intention setting techniques so find the best ones for you and start thriving!
  2. Remember, You Cute: The pandemic taught us many things but unanimously we all decided no matter what, they will have to drag us kicking and screaming back to traditional offices. While many of us may have found personal satisfaction working from home we forgot one thing. To put on actual clothes. Looking good makes us feel good. With shorter days it may feel like night and morning are just one big blur so what’s the point. However, we should really resist the urge to stay in our pajamas all day. Get up, get washed, eat something good, get dressed (nicely).
  3. What About Your Friends?!: Fall is the perfect time to go out and find new restaurants, eat seasonal meals and drinks with your friends. Meaningful connections with other humans really does help us feel peaceful and well rounded. If the person you feel close to or are trying to get to know doesn’t live nearby, hit them up on facetime (even you droid users apparently )  or Zoom and have a chat over drinks. Make memories this fall. 
  4. Netflix and Whatever: Fall brings in a relaxed air and if you’re finding you need to unwind more, do it. Taking a day off does not undo all your hard work. In fact not taking the day off might do you more harm than good. So take some time off and catch up on whatever shows your folks recommend. The down time will help you refocus. 

Hope this helps! Enjoy the friendlier breeze of Autumn guys!

Written By: Jacqueline Scott

Instagram: Crafty_Charisma 

Twitter: @violencemode_on

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