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Top 5 Questions for Rookie Makeup Buyers

Posted on: November 18, 2020

The history of cosmetics spans almost 7,000 years dating back to the ancient Egyptians and yet there is always someone new to the make up game. Always questions that need to be answered and faces that need slaying. 

That being said, we have the answers to the top 5 Questions all Rookie Makeup Buyers ask:

Q: What Magic Make Up Potion Will Give Me Flawless Skin?

A: Short answer…None. If you don’t have a healthy skin care routine there is no makeup product that will give you the glow up you desire. Start by figuring out your skin type then looking into a routine with products that will work for you. The sooner you start the sooner your makeup will become the “potion” you seek. 

Q: Why Are there SO MANY Brushes?! 

A: Many factors are at play when it comes to what brushes you should use. For example, if you’re using liquid anything synthetic brushes are best. A synthetic brush is less porous so it won’t absorb the liquid and it will spread your product evenly. Natural-hair brushes work best for powders and mineral make up.  Size also is important. If you’re working on a larger part of your face use a larger brush, and yep you guessed it, for smaller areas use a smaller brush. Lastly, consider the shape. Flat brushes are great for saturating or packing on color, so you’d use these for applying eyeshadow. Fluffy brushes are better for sheer coverage or softening hard lines and edges.

Q: Does Make Up Go Bad?

A: Yup! Or it at least expires, meaning the ingredients in your product will become less or non-effective. This is especially true of products with SPF in it. If you want to know when it’s time to let go of your product look for a M symbol with a number next to it. For example 12M. This means your product will expire in 12 months to a year. Some products even have an official expiration date on the bottom.  

Q: Wait, Blush and Highlighter are Not the Same Thing?

A: They are not the same thing, but the good news is if you find yourself in possession of both you can use them at the same time! The blush goes on the apples (part closest to your nose) of your cheeks and highlighter should be applied to the highest part of your cheek up to your brow. The blush will give you a natural flush and the highlighter will give you a glow.

Q: Am I Doing This Right?

A: The most important thing to remember about makeup is while there are some rules to follow that make application easier only you can decide on your style. So, look in the mirror. Do you feel beautiful? Then yes, you’re doing it right!


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