What to Do...When You Have Too Much to Do

As the season changes and grows warmer many of us get an uptick in energy that leads us to investing in a plethora of ideas and activities...it’s me. I am many of us. So, lately I’ve had a lot to do. It’s mostly self imposed but nonetheless my projects have piled sky high leaving me feeling at times overwhelmed. But I’ve found these things have really helped me to navigate my ever expanding schedule. 

1. Practicing Mindfulness: Being busy and overwhelmed is the perfect time to stop and listen to your body. If you need rest, give yourself rest. If you need love, text your friend who always makes you laugh. If you feel off don’t ignore it. Stop and address it, don't suppress it. Yes I rhymed.
2. Realizing I Can’t Do it All Right Now: We’ve touched on this before. You can’t and shouldn’t do everything on your own even if it’s a project you're particularly excited about or is personal to you. Take the time to plan out what you are doing instead of just pushing ahead. Then look for the helpers. The universe will send them. Don’t rush and don’t isolate yourself.
3. Picking a High Impact Task to Focus On: When you have a lot to do, focus on the task that’s going to get you more bang for your buck. Don’t procrastinate, it’s not going anywhere. Take a deep breath, get it done and then it’s on to the next.
4. Being Present With Your Current Task and Moving With Intention: This was a mouthful, but it’s probably the most important. So many of us are creative dreamers. We may have a million thoughts during the day and get completely sidetracked from our current project because thinking about our next project is more fun. Resist the urge. Focus on your current task. Tie up every loose end on it. Love it.
5. Practicing Letting Go...With a Smile: This one is the hardest for me because I have a constant fear of failure looming over my head every day. That being said we all have to understand that not every project or situation is a good fit for us and that’s okay. Beating yourself up does nothing and will not change the situation. If you (really) gave it the good old college try and the thang is not thanging...let it go. However, avoid trashing the project just because it wasn’t a good fit for you and or burning bridges with anyone you may have been working with. Sometimes you only have to let things go for a little while and then you can return with fresh energy. Hard to do if you scorched the earth on your exit. 

Honestly having a lot to do is a good thing. It means we’re being active in our lives trying to get the things we want. So be proud of yourself, just don’t lose yourself!

Written By: Jacqueline Scott | Twitter: @violencemode_on | Website: https://craftycharisma.com/

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