Blissful Collection

Krazy Essentials' Blissful Collection is our Spring & Summer fragrances and flavors for 2020! 
Lip Scrub & Lip Butter Flavors
  • Coco-Lime: fresh blend of coconut and lime
  • Lemon Drop: sugared lemon candy
  • Mai Tai: blend of fresh citrus, sweet pineapple and guava

Body Fragrances

  • Blissful Waters: coconut water, chamomile, lily and tonka bean
  • By the Beach: beachy combo of sea salt, jasmine and mandarin 
  • Honeysuckle: sweet honeysuckle, violet, nectarine, watery green floral and blood orange
  • Jackfruit & Kiwi: tropical kiwi, jackfruit, coconut, jasmine and vanilla

  • Bellini: bubbly champagne, juicy white peach nectar and sweet oranges

Soy Candles & Wax Melts

  • Eucalyptus & Mint: fresh mint and eucalyptus 
  • Honeysuckle Jasmine: fresh blooming honeysuckle, light citrus, jasmine and rose petals
  • Sage & Citrus: earthy sage, white musk and lemon-lime *please note that this an artificial fragrance, actual sage was not sourced to make this fragrance*

  • Sea Salt Blossom: fresh water lily, sea moss, cedarwood, bergamot and pear
  • Tea Cakes: warm, rich tea, rosewood, tonka, vanilla and maple

  • Vanilla Birch: cozy vanilla, white birch and sandalwood