New Bloom Fragrances

Body Fragrances

❈Bamboo Lotus: a sweet and fresh blend of grapefruit zest, bamboo, bergamot and sandalwood

❈Coco Butter: luxurious coconut butter with creamy vanilla, honey, spice and caramel

❈Honeysuckle: sweet honeysuckle, violet, nectarine, watery green floral and blood orange

❈Spice & Rose: black pepper and decadent red rose mingle with clove and rosemary for a sultry floral experience

❈Pink Nectar: very bright and juicy blend of pink grapefruit, clementine and soft florals

Home Fragrances

❈Eucalyptus & Mint: green & clean eucalyptus blends with fresh mint; perfect if you need help to clear your sinuses 

❈Honey & Lavender: light & relaxing, breathe deep into notes of soothing lavender, fresh fern and wild honey 

❈Guava & Melon: juicy, mouthwatering strawberry, guava, passionfruit, watermelon and honeydew

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